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Christian TEEN

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Showing that Christ is also for the youth 

Christ Centric

We talk about everything from a Christian perspective.

We are a Christian Community that focuses on boldly presenting God to the youth according to the bible. In this day and age that we live in, we witness Christianity being promoted in every other aspect but what it is originally. There seem to be a tendency, where the Sovereignty of God, His Deity and Supremacy are downplayed. But in society where our youth is practically begging for a breather, we want to be banner of hope. We want to show that Christianity is also for the youth, because they are the future. We want to help them understand that it is not boring to love Christ, it is not "uncool", and accepting him into your life is not putting an end to life as we know it. But on the contrary, accepting Jesus will give the believer a better quality of life. 


To show yourself approved unto God...

2 Timothy 2:15


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