Prayer of Praise and Thankfulness

A simple prayer to thank God for Life


Our Heavenly Father God,

Oh How Great and mighty you are

You are Good and Gracious like no other

Your Faithfulness endures forever and ever

From the rising sun in the morning until it is set at night, may the Name of YAHWEH be praised

HE make ways out of no way, HE heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

Our God Changes lives and make them whole

From eternities to eternities, My God you remain incomparable

You are the greatest, you are the best

My soul thanks you, my heart seeks you, my body needs you

My whole being is yours

I surrender it all to you my Lord and I pray that you make of me as you see fit

Heal my inner parts and unseen wounds

Bind my soul and let it be whole

Fill my body and make it submit to you

Thank you for your goodness, O how good you are

All my life, I have yet to witness love such as yours

Despite my many fallings and failures you remain good

When I act out of selfishness, you never forsake me

Your loving hand is always ready to help me

Your forgiving heart is always around to support me

I deserve nothing Good from you, yet you've given me all

You are Good, My God you are Good

Please forgive my selfish and disobedient ways

Help me to live according to what you say is right

Have mercy on my soul

Have mercy on my family,

Thank you for how good you have been to them also

You are faithful, for ever and ever.

I love you my GOD.

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