The Complete Guide to What I Would Do Differently as a Christian Teen

Part I

It could probably be due to me getting older, but I find myself reflecting very much on the past years. More so in my teenage years and the way that I have spent them. I wouldn't say that I am crippled with regrets, but there are things I wished I started sooner or avoided altogether. In this article, I will go into detail on things that I would've done differently as a young Christian both in faith and in age.

I first came to Christ at the age of 12 years old. I recall after a huge earthquake left Haiti shattered, most people then turned to Christ out of fear. And although I was very young and barely a teen, I knew that I did not want to come to Him because I was afraid, but out of love. So when I went forward when the preacher was calling for people to come to Christ, I did it because I wanted to know that man who saved me from death on January 12th, 2010 at around 4 pm. It was very emotional, to say the least, but I felt a sense of relief because although I was raised to know about Christ I had never had a personal experience with Him. And I was looking forward to that. Years went by and looking in retrospect on the years I spent in and out of my relationship with Christ, I find many things that would have done differently as a Christian teen with the knowledge and experience that I now have

  • I would first guard my heart, my body, and my mind. Which would've saved me from many broken hearts and disappointments.

  • I would start thinking early on as to what I wanted to do with life and depended on God to get me there.

  • I would cherish friendship and family more.

  • I would truly Put God before everything and stay by him.

  • I would stand up for myself more and speak more.

  • I would fight the crippling timidity and put myself more out there.

  • I would be patient because it will all work out eventually.

  • I would fight to understand that although pain is part of life I don’t have to dwell in it and definitely do not need to let it consume me.

  • I would force myself to accept that it is okay to be happy and it’s okay for one to put the seeking of their happiness first.

  • I would not take things personally.

  • I would take my emotional and mental health seriously. I would stop diminishing my emotional pain. Instead I would try to be more aware and ask my parents to seek help for me.

  • I would learn to love myself and be kind to myself, or at l east start early on.

  • I would train myself to be decisive and force myself to stick to one thing at a time.

  • I would seek to understand the power of saying NO.

  • I would try to understand the power behind my words.

  • I would seek counsel from mature Christians and not let timidity stop me.

But out of everything that I had done wrong or wish I had done differently, I regret not spending my teenage years truly seeking God. I had a relationship with God, but the level of intimacy I could've attained with Him always scared me. Each time I would get close to our Father, the attacks I would get in dreams were one of a kind, and I would stop. And It wasn't until I turned 18 that I truly gave my life back to Christ.

And another thing, I would not have been so hard on myself. I would have been more forgiving of my mistakes and not let them define me. I would have taken the time to get to know myself better and find out what I really wanted in life. I would have spent more time with my family and friends, instead of closing everybody out and being so focused on pain and past mistakes. I would have made sure that people in life knew how much they meant to me, instead of letting them slip away from my life without a second thought. I would not have let fear stop me from doing what I wanted to do in life.


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